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Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups

TreeTop Adventures is the perfect place to host your next corporate outing!

Climbing in the park is a fun way to interact with co-workers. Climbing as a group enhances cooperation, communication, and group cohesion.

The total in-park experience lasts 3 hours and consists of a 30 minute on-boarding session (harnessing, safety briefing and practice) plus 2.5 hours to explore our 10 different trails of varying levels of difficulty. Our course is stacked, meaning different trails run alongside or on top of each other at various times. Though people are on separate trails, they are close enough to talk about their experience, cheer each other on and socialize.

We have picnic tables located on-site where your group can setup a picnic lunch or have food delivered to the park. If your group is looking for a local restaurant to head to after your adventure, there are several options nearby. Here is a list of local restaurants and places that deliver to TreeTop Adventures.

If you are looking to plan a full day off-site that requires indoor meeting space, The Irish Cultural Centre (ICC) is an excellent venue.  Several groups have joined us for an afternoon of climbing followed by morning meetings at the ICC. For information about facility rentals and food and beverage services, you can contact Sophie Kirby at 781-821-8291 x.101 or

Interested in scheduling an outing? Contact us at (781) 989-5800 or by email at to discuss the size of your group and the dates that you would like to explore.


A special thank you to the following groups who have climbed with us recently! We hope you enjoyed your TreeTop Adventure!

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