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The information below will hopefully answer any questions you may have, so that you come fully prepared for your TreeTop Adventure!

Liability Waivers:

  • Your group may choose to use our Electronic Liability Waiver or our Hard Copy Waiver.
  • All climbers at TreeTop Adventures need to have a signed Liability Waiver on File.
  • Parents/Guardians must sign a waiver for any minors under 18 years of age.
  • Please let us know which waiver your group will be using so we can make note of it in your reservation!

Electronic Liability Waiver:

  • We have provided your group with an electronic liability waiver link that is specific to your reservation. When parents/guardians and climbing chaperones complete the waiver using this link, submitted waivers will automatically upload into your reservation.
  • You can keep track of completed liability waivers here.
  • Please do not direct parents to complete the generic waiver link on our website. Please send your climbers the EXACT link provided in your confirmation email.

Hard Copy Waiver:

Click Here to download a PDF of our hard copy waiver.

On the day of your trip please bring the following:

  • A master roster listing out all of the climbers in your group including climbing chaperones. If you are bringing a camp group or other type of group with climbers of different ages, please organize your master roster by grade. If you are a camp group this means the grade your climbers will be entering in the fall. (i.e. Please group by 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade, etc.)
  • Please return only the 3rd page (signature page) of the waiver. Please organize the waivers in the same order as the names listed on the master roster.
  • This organization helps us quickly check-in your group and hand out appropriate field trip climbing passes.

As your bus(es) are leaving your site, please text us the following information.

  • Name of Program
  • ETA (using Waze or another navigation app)
  • Number of campers/students climbing

In most cases, the staff member who is checking in your group on the day of the trip will have sent your trip planner the best phone number to text on the day of your trip.

If you cannot locate the phone number in the check-in email from us, please text the following information to 617-759-2660 and we will forward it to the appropriate supervisor. This information will help us anticipate your group’s arrival and get your group onto the course as quickly as possible!

It is important that you use the appropriate drop-off location so that we can get your group started as quickly as possible. On days when we have multiple camps or school groups, this extra check-in communication helps us efficiently organize group arrivals and maximize your group’s time in the trees.

If you are unsure which drop-off location to direct your buses, please have your bus captain/trip planner text: 617-759-2660 and we will confirm your drop off location.

TreeTop Adventures is located on the campus of the Irish Cultural Centre at 200 New Boston Drive, Canton, MA.

Your GPS will take you through an industrial park and under the green arches of the Irish Cultural Centre. The first parking lot to your left is reserved for TreeTop Adventures Guests. Please park in this lot, not in the lot designated for the Irish Cultural Centre.

Closed-toed shoes – Sneakers are great! NO sandals, flip flops, ballet flats, Crocs, or similar type shoes.
Comfortable clothing – Nothing too baggy that might get caught in your gear. Dress for the weather! Wear layers in case you get hot/cold. TreeTop Adventures will remain open in light rain, so if the forecast calls for showers, bring a raincoat.
Long hair needs to be tied back.
No loose jewelry – all jewelry should be taken off while climbing to ensure nothing gets caught in your equipment or lost.

  • You are welcome to bring food and drinks with you into the park. We recommend bringing some snacks and plenty of water!
  • Climbers will have many opportunities to take a break for a snack/water in-between trails. We have water stations located throughout the park so your climbers can stay hydrated.
  • Picnic tables will be reserved for your group. A staff member will direct you to the appropriate set of picnic tables upon your arrival.
  • TreeTop Adventures has a small selection of energy bars, snacks, and drinks available for purchase.

Looking for pizza/food delivery or local restaurants? Click here.

We have 10 trails spanning 4 levels of difficulty: Yellow (beginner), Green (intermediate), Blue (advanced), Black (expert).

Climbers have access to a specific number of trails based on their age. Climbers will be able to access some trails independently with an adult supervising from the ground, while other trails are considered “reach trails”, and require a chaperone to climb with the younger climber (1 adult : 3 youth).

Please see our Trail Guidelines Chart to see the trails available to each age group.

(Example: a climber age 7-9, will be able to climb our 3 yellow trails independently with a chaperone supervising from the ground. If the child would like to climb on a green, intermediate trail, the child will need to climb with a chaperone.)

Based on when your group needs to leave the park, our staff will begin to close trails in order to allow climbers enough time to complete the trails they are on.

Five of our trails (Black, both Blue trails, and two Green Trails) will be closed to your group 40 minutes before you need to leave the park, in order to allow students/campers enough time to complete those more difficult trails before your group needs to leave.

  • We are open rain or shine! Please arrive dressed and prepared for the weather.
  • We have decided to not require a financial commitment/deposit for your reservation, however, we do ask that you make a formal commitment to this trip date. Please understand that we will be booking staff and turning away other groups once this date has been finalized.
  • In the event of a forecast of unfavorable weather leading up to your trip, we request that you notify us within 48 hours of your trip to discuss possibly rescheduling your trip.
  • In the event of extreme weather (thunder/lightning or high winds), the courses may have to temporarily close (similar to a swimming-pool) until the weather passes. TreeTop Adventures staff have full discretion on high wind closings and will inform climbers of any closures at the main platform.
  • If a full park closing due to weather should occur during your visit, you will be given the option to extend your ticket time and wait it out (depending on availability), or receive a prorated voucher (depending on the time left in your climb) for your next visit.

The most up-to-date invoice for your reservation can be found by clicking the “View/Manage Reservation” link in your confirmation email and selecting the “Payments” tab.

  • If your climber count has changed, please let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust the invoice and number of reserved tickets accordingly.

Payment options:

  1. Groups are welcome to pay online by credit card on you reservation dashboard.
  2. Bringing a check or credit card on the day of the trip.
  3. Mailing a check.

Many licensed camps and other programs ask for the following documents:

  • Leave all backpacks, purses, wallets, etc. on the bus. We have limited storage cubbies for you to put things in. It is best not to put valuables in the cubbies. We will have picnic tables reserved for your group, and you can leave bagged lunches on the picnic tables.
  • Cellphones and GoPros are welcome at the park. For anyone who wants to take pictures with their phones, be sure to wear something with a deep pocket so you can keep your hands free for climbing. GoPros should be mounted on the chest or on headgear (you will put them on after you are harnessed).
  • Our minimum age to climb is 7 years. Our minimum weight limit is 35 lbs. and the maximum weight limit is 265 lbs.
  • Anyone who is coming along to take photos or watch can do so for FREE. They can stay with you and watch the harnessing and safety briefing process; once you start climbing, they can then walk below our trails or enjoy one of our many picnic tables within the park.