Our course is set up similar to a ski mountain. We have 10 trails spanning 4 levels of difficulty: Yellow (beginner), Green (intermediate), Blue (advanced), Black (expert).

As you progress through each level, trails are higher off the ground and become more challenging— elements (obstacles) begin to move more underfoot + require more upper body and core strength!

Tree Top Adventure’s


The chart below shows the 4 course levels we offer at TreeTop Adventures and how many trails we have at each level. (3) Yellow-Beginner, (4) Green-Intermediate, (2) Blue-Advanced, and (1) Black-Expert Trail.

  1. Climbers have access to a specific number of trails based on their age. Youth Climbers will be able to access some trails independently with an adult supervising from the ground, while other trails are considered “reach trails”, and require an adult 18+ to climb with a younger climber (1 adult : 3 youth). (If an adult is not able to climb, Personal Guides can be booked up to 3 days in advance.)
  2. Please remember, new climbers will need to climb the courses in order: beginner or intermediate (yellow or green) first then difficult (blue) and then expert (black).
  3. TreeTop Adventures staff reserve the right to close courses based on weather or other hazards. The Platform Monitor will inform you of any course closures.

“Supervising from Ground”: An adult (18+) is on-site and watching children from the ground. Staff is monitoring climbers and the course.

“Climb with Adult”: These trails are considered “Reach Trails” for this age group and require an adult (18+) to accompany children on the trail. Maximum of 3 children per climbing adult.