Personal Guides

Personal guides can help you get the most out of your TreeTop Adventure park experience. Our team of talented and trained guides can help give you the confidence you need to take on a new challenge. Guides can be booked by the hour and must be reserved 3-days in advance.

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TreeTop Adventures trails are intentionally designed for self-discovery making personal guides unnecessary! Most of the time personal guides will not be needed. However, we do have personal guides available to be hired to climb with a child and provide access to trails that are rated “climb with adult”, in a situation where the child’s guardian is unable to climb with the child.

Personal guide reservations are for one-hour of your climb time during the last hour to allow children time to access the ‘reach’ trails for their age group that require adult participation.

To ensure proper staffing, guides do need to be reserved 3-days in advance.

A parent or guardian must remain on site during the climb. This is not a drop off service, but a way for children to experience trails that require adult supervision.

Personal guides can work with up to 5 children at one time, generally this is for a family or group. If you have more than 5 children, an additional guide will be required.

The cost is $60. Once you book your reservation, please call us to add a guide on to your reservation.

Tipping is at your discretion but is suggested.

Guides are subject to availability and need to be reserved 3-days in advance.  You may contact us at (781) 989-5800, by email at [email protected]

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Climbing in the park with a guide does not change our trail guidelines. A guide can provide access to trails that are rated "Climb With Adult". Please see the table below for more information on what trails are open to which age groups, and the kind of supervision or participation that is required.